Feed your imagination

With only eight seats, our one-Michelin starred Tapas Molecular Bar offers an exclusive dining experience celebrating the art of innovative molecular cuisine. Situated within the chic Oriental Lounge on the 38th floor, the bar serves a range of delicious dishes in the traditional sushi-bar style. Over the course of two hours, our team of talented chefs will prepare bite-sized delicacies right before your eyes, creating new texture and flavour combinations to stimulate both the imagination and the palate. Limited to an intimate group of only eight people per seating, it is the ultimate gourmet experience. Advance reservations are required.


An unforgettable gastronomic experience

From the imaginative mind of Chef Ngan Ping Chow, our innovative menu presents an enticing fusion of Japanese and Western cuisines. Served in tapas-style portions, each and every dish offers a delicious combination of textures and flavours that will surprise and delight. As you eat, chef Ping’s talented team will explain the story behind each artfully presented offering, instructing guests on how to add a finishing touch to selected plates. A truly interactive and inventive dining experience, guests will watch as liquid nitrogen dances across the counter and objects transform, whilst the dishes’ unique tastes will tease the palate in the most wonderful of ways.


Chef Ngan Ping Chow

Originally from Hong Kong, chef Ngan Ping Chow has overseen the restaurant’s recent reinvention, winning his first Michelin star in December 2014. The former head chef of Hong Kong’s lauded one-thirtyone restaurant moved to Japan in 2013, spending months learning about the country’s rich, diverse produce before taking the helm of Tapas Molecular Bar. Having honed his now-celebrated molecular cooking techniques whilst working with Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong’s Executive Chef, Uwe Opocensky. Chef Ngan Ping Chow brings artful food and a sense of theatre to one of the city’s best restaurants, Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo’s Tapas Molecular Bar.


Dining Enquiry

Reservations can be made by one of the the contact methods below.

+81 (3) 3270 8188 (Central Reservations)





By reservations only at 1pm (Sat & Sun)

By reservations only at 6 or 8:30pm 
*8 seats per round