Developed with you in mind

Our treatments are designed exclusively for men focusing on proving unparalleled service and attentiveness to detail.

Gentlemen’s Journey

DURATION 3 h 30 m
Designed specifically for our male guests to relieve muscle tension and to leave you feeling relaxed and renewed once again.
  • Welcoming Foot Ritual
  • Tian Quan Therapy
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Men’s Balance Facial
  • Relaxation Time

Golfers Massage

DURATION 1 h 20 m
A combination of a Therapeutic massage, hot herbal pouches and herbal steam shower, this intensely relaxing treatment concentrates on areas of the body used during golf and is the perfect way to finish a round. As those aching limbs start their journey of recovery, the treatment continues with a balancing facial to cleanse and moisturise after being in the sun and concludes with a deeply relaxing De-Stress Massage.