The Home of Cantonese Cuisine

Arguably the city’s finest Cantonese restaurant, Jiang by Chef Fei offers a truly memorable dining experience. Using only the best seasonal ingredients, impeccably prepared according to time-honoured traditions, Chef Fei has created a menu, which excites and delights in equal measure.

Stylishly designed using an elegant palette of grey, brown and cream, the restaurant enjoys a sophisticated, contemporary feel. Featuring solid wood floors, elegantly patterned carpets and exquisite Oriental artwork it provides the perfect environment in which to enjoy Chef Fei’s wonderful food.


Fresh, flavourful dishes executed with style

Comprised of fresh, flavourful dishes, Jiang by Chef Fei’s menu is classic Cantonese in essence, but with a contemporary twist in terms of style and presentation. Sample from dishes such as poached lobster served with homemade mayonnaise and sweet fruits or Canadian beef rib eye spiced with Szechuanese pepper, chilli and garlic.

To complement the flavours of Chef Fei’s cooking, the menu is paired with a bespoke selection of Chinese teas and wines.


Chef Fei

Born in 1973 in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, Chef Fei began his career aged16 years old, working at a variety of restaurants in order to master all aspects of Cantonese cuisine. In 2005, he took the helm of Daye in Guangzhou before being appointed Executive Director and Chef of the Jiangshan Group, an award-winning Cantonese restaurant in Wanda Plaza, Guangzhou. In 2012, he joined Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou. “Cooking is not only about skills, but being attentive,” says Chef Fei. “A delicious course is the result of devoting a chef’s mind to the cuisine.

Special rooms for special occasions

Jiang by Chef Fei has eight private dining rooms, elegantly designed in a chic, contemporary style. Each room enjoys the benefit of floor-to-ceiling windows offering stunning views of the city skyline. Varying in size, the rooms offer space for between10 to 20 guests.

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