BAMM 2014

Back to the Future

Communicating the brand as consistently in the future as we have in the past

Welcome to the Bi-Annual Marketing Meeting 2014.

This year’s conference will be held at our two new properties in Mainland China. We will begin with the Gala Dinner at Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou and then move to Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai for the meeting itself. 

The theme of our global Marketing Conference this year is “Back to the Future” — a reference to how our brand has come full circle geographically, since our launch 50 years ago in Hong Kong. Since the 1990's we accelerated our global expansion by increasing our footprint in The Americas and Europe, before moving back, in recent years, to Asia. 

Most importantly, we are making great strides into China, including our opening in Guangzhou this year, where Jardines (our parent company) first began to trade in 1832. The rise of China, which is currently our second largest market segment in room night terms, is surely a very large part of our future, and will likely be our number one geographic market segment before too long. 

We are all looking forward to BAMM 2014 and to planning for a successful future.

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